Excellent service, great products, solid advice, good performance and integrity aren't what make us unique. You should be able to find that somewhere else.  In our opinion, those are the bare minimum standards every professional should bring to the table. 

A World Class Experience and our 98% client retention rate to prove it.


From the moment you pull up to our office you will notice we aren't the same. Imagine being valet parked before entering our office and met in the lobby by staff who open doors for you and called by your name.

Imagine your chair being pulled out, your concerns being understood, your goals realized, your expectations exceeded, your calls returned, your fees reduced, your taxes being less, and your advisor meeting with your cpa and your attorney to cordinate efforts, to help you. 

Imagine hand written notes, visits just to say hello and someone 

who will tell the truth when it hurts or make less money to do the right thing. Imagine all that on top of excellence. This is Edwards Financial.

There's a reason Fort Worth's most affluent families trust us.

© 2016 Edwards Financial Strategies

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